Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's finally up...

Finally our sign had gone up but the word has spread that we are selling out. It's a good thing. it is time and I am thrilled. Our sweet agent came out and put up a small sign for now as he has a larger sign being made. Needless to say I have already talked to one woman who I think was seriously interested in buying this place. I hope she does. She is a sweet lady and if she bought it then it would remain a feed store. The people in town and around the area would still have the same things they needed to care for their animals. I am thrilled. I just hope she decides to actually go through with it
Now we play the waiting game. With all of the interest we are having I can't do anything but believe it will be gone soon and so will we. I know, you all are so tired of hearing about the move. i promise to stop soon.
I will forewarn you that I may be a bit dull for awhile. I have started on my latest story. The first night I was able to get the first ten pages out after moving from spot to spot. I am afraid that my nights will be completely consumed for awhile. So, we shall see what happens. Don was excited for me because he knows how much I love to drift off in another world and write about what I see happening in my mind. My mind is falling into the adventure that is brewing deep inside. I can't wait to get it all going fully. I will be completely obsessed by the time that I get to page 100.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Tammy- Hooray the sign is up! Let the bidding begin! I do hope the best for you and that your place sells quickly. Good for you for starting to write your story. This will "take you away" from thinking about the move too much! Okay, maybe it won't but good for you anyways!!!! :)

Jan said...

You are just going through so very much. I think the writing is just what the writer needed in you. This will be great. I am glad that everything seems to be going your way. I hope it all goes quickly for you and smoothly. I will be thinking about you and hope everything is going well. Hang in there :)

TroyandJessica said...

Hey Tammy,
I'm so happy that some people have peaked interest in the store. And soon you'll be a Texan like us. ya'll will love the football games and Rodeo,Yee-haw. Just Kidding we don't say that, just on special occasions.
Take care and keep us posted.

Emmy said...

aww! i will miss you!!! good luck!!