Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Molly's Henchmen...

Down the street from us is one of our customer's house. On the property he has a workshop he uses for rebuilding cars and I have to admit he does some great things with VW Bugs. Anyway, he rents out half of the workshop to the Henchmen, who happen to be the starter gang for the Hell's Angels. OK!!! Now I am guessing that you wonder what I am telling you this for.

Well, on the side of the workshop they have had painted the logo of the Henchmen and then their name plus the initials: "MC"

My darling 11 year old has decided that the "MC" stands for her initials "Molly C." So, every time we drive past it she says: "Look! It's my Henchmen!" she squeaks and she tells us that she wants to walk up to them and say: "You are my Henchmen!!!" honestly, I thought I would let her. What could they do? They are always there with their families. How funny would it be?

Just to let you know I have had them come in and truly with all my heart I know they are good people...just really off the path of what they could be doing. Besides, they have offered to "take care" of anyone that crosses me. Anyone want to dare? Just kidding!!!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

That is a great story...It reminds me of the crowd my dad hung with in California when I was a toddler. They were all mean and gruff looking till I toddled up to them then they were all goo gooing me and a bunch of softies!
It's nice you can see thru the roughness and into their hearts.
I love your new background.

Jan said...

Love the new background Tammy.

I have encountered many gruff softies. I would really recommend you keeping them on having your back. That is a very funny story.