Monday, August 4, 2008

Released...Read...and Report!!!

754 pages!!! I loved coming home from camp with a new book to read. Yes, I know, I was released Saturday at midnight and it took me about 6 good hours to read it. Yes, I am a speed reader. I can read rather fast and retain information. Another friend has also read the entire book and we have already had quite a good converstation on it. Fort hose of you who have not read it then please do not continue reading this post as it will spoil the ending. So, here is my review:

In the beginning, when Bella was driving her new car, or shall we say missle proof car, I was laughing so hard. It was so like Edward and I was pleasantly surprised that I just fell right into step as if I had just finished reading the last book with no breaks. I admit that I adore Stephenie Meyer's writing style and her ability to tell a story. I admire the way she weaves her story and hope someday to make readers feel the same way about my writing. She was very inventive and I loved the way the story progressed. I could even stand Jacob in this book. I hated him the past two books. he rather annoyed me. Anyway, I loved the book from beginning until almost the end. I wished they would have battled the Volturri and come out triumphant. I would have rather lost a few souls and made the ending "bittersweet" as a kind friend put it. It just ended too simple for me, but that being said I still loved the book!!!! Stephenie Meyer is a master in the art of story-telling. I admire her greatly and look forward to any new books she writes to come out. Please do not take offense. My opinion is my opinion and means nothing more than that. I do not need a lot of hateful comments left on the blog.I still adore Edward, I love Bella, Renesmee is adorable, and I laughed out loud when Jacob got food in Rosalie's hair. I look forward to Stephenie's next book...and the movie.

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