Saturday, August 23, 2008

A few very random thoughts...

There is a mouse in our house...yes, a mouse. I am not thrilled.

they are on our least favorite things list, but with all the packing and de-cluttering we are finding these little "friends" have been with us for some time. Again...not thrilled. So, as we continue to clean out the corners and rid ourselves of the clutter they love so much I will look forward to their termination...of residence in our home...yes, that is it. termination of residence in our home. Sure kids...don't worry, they'll find a happy palce to live with all their mousey friends...six feet under I hope!!!

Yesterday my son had a complete and utter melt down after school and felt his whole world crashing around him. Needless to say, I tried to cheer him up and that involved doing something with him. He chose to make his own after dinner we jumped in the car and ran over to the store where we he, having list in hand, directed us around the market to find all of his ingredients. We bought tomatoes,cilantro,limes, onions, garlic, jalapeno peppers...habanero peppers and whatever else he thought he would need. We threw it all into a blender and let it mix. Apparently he decided he needed more jalapeno peppers, but I can guarantee you the habanero pepper was HOT. No, I did not taste it as I do not have a stomach for the acids of tomatoes or even the hotness of the peppers. i would have stayed awake...all night. So, I helped him throw it all together and he was happy in the end. The salsa was sweeter than he had anticipated, but he still liked it so to each his own I guess. Oh and by the way I know the habanero was hot because several days ago i ahd a little accident and seperated my fingernail from the bed of the nail jsut a bit. it happens, I am fine. Anyway, apparently the "owie" did not seal before the juice from the habanero pepper found it. THAT was burning all night long. WOW!!! I would hate to see what would happen if you actually ate it. Ugh!!!

Many of you are posting about sending the kids back to school and during my de-cluttering I found a treasure I had stolen from my mother...


That's me!!! It was my 8th grade graduation and I just had my head shaved and styled that day. I ahd longer hair and with it being the 80's decided to see what would happen. I lvoed that hair cut and the fact that everyone's jaw dropped when they saw my hair. It was a great night!!! It's fun toa ctually see me thin and tan as well. Two things that do not remotely happen now. Well, the thin thing maybe...HAHAHA!!!! ANyway, I thought you all wouldlove to laugh with me...not at me.

Other than that we are just trying to get everything ready so that when it is time to move we are ready to go. I told Don that all we really need to do when the sale is going to be made is to head down to San Antonio for the weekend to look at houses. We will make it...I hope. I love to find them in my bro & sis-in-laws neighborhood. It would be so cool for the kids to take off on their bikes to their cousins house for an hour or two...and the same go for us. One thing I am really looking forward to though us the decorating. I can hardly wait as we will be buying a lot of new furniture when we move and so everything will be so different. Don't worry, I will definitely post pictures for you to see the new "madhouse."


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Sounds like you guys are getting things moving...This is great!
I loved your 8th grade graduation photo....So cute. It reminded me of myself the summer before I went into 9th grade. I had a weight problem most my life and that summer my Mom took me to the lake for a month and put me on a strict diet. I lost a bunch of weight then she took me to get my long hair cut an I got the "farrah fawcett" cut...When I got back to school all the guys were saying who's the hot new chick! HA were they shocked when they found out it was the overweight girl from the year before. That was a fun year!
P.S. Try not to pack any mice up -There is no room for them in your new place!

TroyandJessica said...

That is a cute picture of you. I wasn't so hot when I was in middle school. Those were my ugly duckling stages. Sad to say, but if Troy would of seen me in middle school, he'd probably would have not taken a second look at me. He said he would of,but he is my husband after all. He's suppose to say that.
So about the mice, please leave them in California. We have pleanty of Texas rodents. Although, they make good rattlesnake munchies. Just kidding about the snakes!

Jeanette said...

I'm popping in again. Hope you don't mind.

Your son will love the Tex Mex here in Texas. Salsa is a big condiment here!

I had that same hair do in 8th grade. It suits you better.

Jan said...

Leave the mice home Tammy. How funny. The Texans will be all over you for it. Love the picture of you. I can see the height already started for you. Have a great week and keep us posted. Sorry I missed this post somehow :)

Redhoodoos said...

Sorry for your son's meltdown. That's so hard. Good for you for cheering him up! Great pic -love the hair! Love the 80's! Now those were the good ole days!