Sunday, February 1, 2009

Which Will I Be?

All week after the delicious treat Brother Davies had delivered to us I thought about the sweet gift. As I watched each bar be handed out among those who were present my mind began to drift into gospel related items. I began to think about Jesus healing the ten lepers only to have one of them return to give thanks. I often wondered...which would I be? The other nine lepers were most certainly grateful for the gift of healing bestowed upon them. I have absolutely no doubt of that. Just as our ward members were all thankful for the treats handed them.

I saw Brother Davies today in the hallway and called out to him so that I could personally say thank you. He smiled and handed me another large bar of Ghiradelli deliciousness.

"This is for saying thank you."

He smiled and walked off down the hallway. I could not feel better for the beautiful smile of this brother or the goodness in his heart, I am truly grateful. I find though, what means more to me than the bar laying in my church bag right that this time...I was the one who returned.


Ninny said...

Hooray for returning and a double hooray for chocolate! LOL

Cynthia said...

Hooray! And it was certainly worth it for chocolate.

You bring up a good point about thanking someone who touches us with their words. It means a lot when people remember even a week or two later. I've gotten annonymous thank you notes in the mail a couple times thanking me for the lesson I taught in RS. Those notes were so precious to me. The extra thought and work involved made me feel so good.

Jen said...

Such a "sweet" post.