Saturday, February 14, 2009

WARNING>>>Stake Activity Ahead!!!!

Ok! I'm not sure how it is in your stake, but in ours very few people have been attending stake activities. Our bishop "encouraged" us to attend stake activities so one approached that I had no clue on. A friend mentioned it to us and asked if we wanted to join. Eh! Why not! So off we carted ourselves laughing along the highway to the stake center laughing along the way. We get there and we find our table. Relaxing a bit we play a few games eat some pizza which I promptly choke on. So much for being cool. Oh well?! After we finsih our first games someone who shall remain nameless introduces a game that is a different version of musical chairs. It's called "Do you love your neighbor?" At some point it got funny and with the various "characters" there it made it more hysterical. Once a subject is called, all that it applies to has to race around trying to find another open seat. The game was going well and I sat thinking that choking was pretty much the worst thing that could happen to me that night. No, I did not require an ambulance, although I AM sore from darting around. The part where I turn bright red is when I nearly took out the stake president to get the seat he and I were heading for. Yup!!! I am due for a lot of trouble during the next temple recommend interview...if I'm not thrown out of church by then.

The moral of the story: "Always follow your bishop's counsel!" ;)