Thursday, February 19, 2009

Easy Tag

I Was tagged by Freyja.

The Rules

1 Go to my documents/pictures.

2 Go to the 6th file folder.

3 Go to my sixth picture.

4 Blog about it

5 Tag six people to do the same.

Before looking at the picture....

I am scared to death not knowing what you will find hiding in the depths of my could be bad!!!

And now the unveiling:

Oh thank heavens!!!! 3 of my favorite cute kiddos!!!!! We had a New Year's Eve party where we invited the entire family. As you can see we had some young partiers who celebrated Eastern Standard Time's New Year arrival before heading home. Some made it the entire night until Pacific Standard Time. It was an awesome night of food, friends...and of course my favorite 80's music!!!!
So here goes my tags!!!!
Miss Jan at Crazy Lady on Road 80
Miss Jen at Time Out For Me
Miss Emma--- My fave gal!
Miss Laura at Riddles & Poems
Miss Lora at her family blog
and last but most certainly not least
Mis Jennie from the Silcox Stories


::Jan:: said...

Ding Tammy. I have already done this one. Yours is way cuter though. Love the party looks on the kids faces.

Hatch Family said...

cute picture. not to scary at all. look at that cute little boy!!!

Silcox Stories said...

Oh me! OK, I just say this today. Is it too late to play? Thanks for thinking of me!!