Saturday, February 14, 2009

What did you do for Valentine's day?!

So, what did you do for Valentine's Day? I worked. Yup!!! There's nothing like working on Valentine's Day with your hubby to make you feel romantic!!! He did sneak away and bring me a treat back which I loved...they match my computer. I love to be color coordinated!!!! Anyway, we had plans with friends for some cards/games...this time not trying to kill any member of the stake presidency. However, their little girl wasn't feeling her best so we bowed out which was great because I felt neither charming nor funloving tonight anyway. So, what to do? Well, what does any couple do? we went and got gas...NO!!!! Not at a restaurant, but we actually needed gas for the truck. So, we filled her up and then we ran by Wal-mart...THE most romantic spot for Valentine's Day don't you think? Anyway, I needed some straight pins.
Corinna finished her "modest" skirt for a personal progress project. Isn't it cute?!?!?!?
Then we had some free time so I made one really quick for Molly. I love how simple this one was. And it actually look decent!!! I almost had tears in my eyes. We had it done in 20 minutes!!! I am not kidding you either. We had "the fabulous" Liz tell me exactly how to make it and it was so simple that I am looking forward to my next one and I may even dare to make something for myself. we shall see what happens on that. I may throw one out for Corinna. Shhh...don't tell her!!!! And since we had so much time leftover it's always fun to let Molly ham it up a bit. Go girl!!!!


Nicole said...

I love the flowers... so pretty!!! and the skirts turned out very good. Congratulations!!!

::Jan:: said...

Love the flowers. Sorry you had to work though.

The skirts turned out darling. Love it. Great job. Love the workin it too attitude :)

damita said...

love the flowers great job