Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Close...Yet So Far Away!!!

I've always been know for being a little off kilter. Never go for the norm. I mean really, why watch basketball when you can watch a sport of endurance, strength and the will to win?! Seriously!!! A couple years a go the Amgen Tour of California came through our area and I was able to take pictures of Levi Leipenheimer the follower of Lance Armstrong and the eventual winner of the tour. Some of you are saying...Levi Leipen who?!?!?! I understand really I do. Just like you would get that confused look when I tell you my favorite footballer is Wayne Rooney...thing soccer in the UK. Anyway, not even a mile down the road from our store the one and only man to ever win 7 Tour De France titles has just biked by...and I missed it!!!! Bummer!!! I just love the heart and soul he puts into his sport. Ya gotta love it. So good luck Lance and bike by anytime...just come a little closer so I can take a picture next time!!!!


::Jan:: said...

That is great. Bike on for sure.

Nicole said...

I would have gotten extra credit if i'd watched when they were in sac... but i didn't wanna go out there in the rain