Saturday, February 21, 2009

A look back...

As I was wandering on Facebook...I love being in touch with everyone again...Junior High classmates, Elementary schoolmates and even some high school friends that are still wandering around here. my niece posted some pictures from her graduation cruise. I went as a "chaperone" if that's what you want to call it, but we had a blast. I was so excited to see a beauty that most people don't see or don't appreciate about Mexico. After swimming with dolphins my niece and I came back on the bus when we were greeted by my sister-in-law who had set us up to go horseback riding in the back mountains of Puerto Vallarta...I thought it was all beach!!! You learn something new everyday. Unfortunately, we had to leave right then and there at the dock without getting a chance to even change our clothes. Fabulous!!!
So as you can tell Nicole and I happen to be the only ones wearing "flip flops" while riding...something I normally would never do. It was such a fun ride with the girls. While riding we saw some of the people that live among the wild mango trees in very meager circumstances, but the smiles that greeted us from the children were amazingly beautiful.
They were truly happy which reminds me always that it is not the house you live in, it is not the clothes you wear or even the car you drive that makes you happy. It is the pure and simple beauty of your heart and the goodness you bring to your life yourself.
It was a lesson I will hold in my heart forever.

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