Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dragging his feet...

His eyes rolled as he sighed, letting me know his displeasure. Slowly he trudged for what looked like a death sentence. Bordering on tears, I drug him along behind me tugging and pulling him the entire way. As we walked through the doors the look in his eyes told the entire story...he heaved in his final breaths on this earth.

I don't know what came over me. I leaned in close to his ear: "It's a fabric store, get over it and be a man!!!"

Yup! I drug my poor hubby and kids to a fabric store. it was all innocent. Honestly it was. Of course as we purchased our goods I swallowed hard knowing the realization was coming....I can't sew!!!! Oh, I can survive on making so strange quilt people often lean their heads to the side and say: "Huh? I never thought anyone could make something look like that!!!" So, here's the deal. If I were to actually not have people looking over my shoulder and I was doing it simply for fun there would be no issues, but when the machine starts rumbling to life everybody and their brother has to watch over my shoulder shouting instructions....how much can an 11 year old know about sewing right?!?!? Well, I managed to get my oldest's skirt mostly done. I will work on the hem tonight and then start on the little one's. I offered one for my son, but he flat out refused a skirt. Whatever?!

I'll try and take pics once it's done.. Wish me luck!!!


::Jan:: said...

Good luck and your opening paragraph was hilarious to go with your post theme. I love it. I hope they go and work on legos or something. Let the woman sew.

Jen said...

Hey! For how many times you have accompanied him to Bass Pre Shop, he owes you a few trips to the fabric store! You can tell him I said so!