Monday, June 23, 2008

I wanna go back to bed!!!

Blast those kids!!! They have ruined what would normally be a perfectly wonderful day off!!!! I could have slept in to my heart's content, but alas no!!!! I have to still wake them up and take them into school. The bright side is...their last day of the year is on Wednesday the 25th. Of course the bad news is that their first day is Monday July 7th....Ya gotta love year round sometimes!!!! Actually I don't mind, but a year from now it is going to drive me crazy because Corinna will be going to high school with a traditional school year and then Molly and Bryan will still be on year round. Fabulous!!!! Of course I don't want to even think of her in high school yet....makes me feel to old and creaky.

Today should be an interesting day here. We will drop the kids off and go out on our breakfast date together, then head over to the boat store for a couple of life jackets, stop by the bank fairly quickly and then head off to Del Valle to do some kayaking before the day gets too hot. I am almost afraid to know how bad my arms are going to hurt tomorrow. Forget tomorrow...Tonight!!!!!


Jen said...

LEt me know if you'd like me to pick up the kids...

Redhoodoos said...

How was kayaking? What a fun adventure!

My son Connor is starting high school in the fall. Wow. I feel like he should still be 10 years old - not 16 and getting ready to drive!

Great blog! I'll be back... ;)