Saturday, November 3, 2007

Thank you thank you Heavenly Father

Lately, we have noticed just how slow it has been. We hear from other business owners that they are slower than usual. I can totally identify as our numbers from last year and this year have dropped. It is across the board. I've also noticed through prayers small miracles happening here and there. A man was waiting outside the store wanting a pair of boots. Boots is one of our specialties so if you are looking for cowboy boots come on down we can find something for you!! Sorry, shameless plugs and all it is my life. Anyway, He was waiting and I sold him a pair of alligator boots. Can I just say now that this does not happen very often. The normal cost of these boots is $900 and no I am not joking...however they can go much higher. Don woke up late and had not even made it to the store quite yet. he showed up as my new best friend left with his precious boots. Don asked causally if I had sold him some boots and I responded just as casual that I sold them. If he would have anything in his mouth he would have choked...we do not sell them all that often. Anyway, little miracles here and there to boost our business. I believe it is because we got rid of the alcohol and cigarettes that Don's Dad used to sell there. I am so thankful and today it seemed like the people were not going to stop coming in. I find myself after work saying the phrase "Thank you Heavenly Father!" Do you see small miracles in your life that make you say the same?

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