Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

To be honest, my favorite part of today is usually the part where I take a nap after the turkey. My niece destroyed that thinking we needed activities. I love her dearly, but the thought of running around right after eating our huge thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings just did not sound all that wonderful. She put together...and well might I add...our family's version of the amazing race. There were challenges, roadblocks and detours. Some were incredibly horrible like finding certain words in a huge search a word puzzle then unscrambling what was left to target shooting with BB guns. I was teamed up with the master mind's twin and I felt bad for my niece. not only did she get stuck paired up with an aunt who could not run up a hill without wanting to fake a heart attack just so I could sit down, but i had a very tough time trying to shoot a target that was just 2 inches in diameter and shaped like a turkey. needless to say for the first leg of the race we came in a disappointing 3rd. For the second leg we took off and thanks to both of us working as a team and her incredible skills of taking shortcuts through the garage we manage to end up snagging 1st place honors and the first cuts of our favorite pies for dessert. all in all, even though I ran most of my food off in the hour long set of tasks we had a great Thanksgiving with many reason for not having a heart attack!!!

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