Saturday, November 17, 2007

It is done!!!

Well, I am happy to announce that we have a new member to our family!!!! No, I am not pregnant either!!!! I have managed to buy my first brand new car ever. Now, I know Don had gotten the truck, but we had priorities with that. He needed a good truck to haul around the feed and such. I was extremely grateful for that. I was also grateful for the my little plum colored car, the Goofmobile" as we called it...which by the way they didn't give me much for the trade in. I of course was not surprised at that one. Just by turning it on they realized the transmission was on its way out and that it would start to overheat on a dime. Along with the other myriad of problems. I was so excited because one thing after another fell into place for us. The financing turned out great, they gave me an even lower rate, they quoted me the bare bones clearance 2007 model price for a 2008 fully loaded and then stuck by their offer, they are covering the car for the lifetime of the vehicle aside from tires, brakes, wipers, the paint job and windshield...if it breaks down ...they fix it and I do not get charged a penny. That includes free towing and a rental car, plus if we are traveling they will reimburse us up to $1000 for hotel and food costs associted with waiting for the car. So I am incredibly happy with my new 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is my dream car and I am thrilled. It truly could not have gone any better. Oh...and yes, they are transferring my favorite license plates "Goofmobl" to the new car. Can life get any better?!?!? Oh and no...Don is not allowed to drive it!!! It's my car!!!! yay!! just kidding. I think I will let him take a spin tonight in it around the block....maybe.

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Poetry of Life said...

What was it he did? Give you the clicker to open the truck? I think the same treatment should be expected!