Saturday, November 24, 2007


No, I am not actually sprouting feathers and flying, but my heart feels like it. I have been writing and working on a book that has become like and entirely new life. I watch my characters like I watch my children. I have created my mind though not my womb. I am letting them start to fly a bit and I think the hardest part about them flying is worrying about them crashing. I have allowed a friend and a great cheerleader read my latest draft of the 2/3 I have finished so far. I know there will be work to do with the re-writes, but I want to finally finish before I go back and rewrite it all again. Anyway, I waited for days wondering just what was thought of the story, the characters who have become so close I hear them talking. I worried what they would think about my creativity. When I finally received an e-mail I didn't want to open it because quite honestly, who wants to hear their baby criticized?! My heart completely and totally soared when I heard the review. Yes, I do know that it is not ready for publishing quite yet, but after finishing the story and polishing it, it will be and I will be thrilled with it. That is when the craziness comes. The heartbreaking waiting for letters from publishers turning you down in hopes for just one that will say yes. Someday perhaps it will be there, but until then I will let my dreams soar.

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