Sunday, November 25, 2007

Poncho People

Ok!!! So here is something that irks me. It is the Poncho People of the world. I am including a picture of my dear friends, Edward and Donna, whom we met over at California Adventure theme park just a few weeks ago. As we stood in line at the Grizzly Rapids Ride they pulled out ponchos for goodness sake!!!! I have always made fun of the Poncho People who ride the rides taking care not to get wet and that reminded me of life. Now, please understand I am not throwing a temper tantrum because that is how they chose to ride the ride. Don and i got completely an utterly soaked. we did not dry off until we made it home that night at nearly 2am if that gives you a clue. Anyway, What I was thinking is that there are so many of us out there who dream and dream big. I don't see anything wrong with dreaming. I like to dream. it always makes me feel good to do so. I dream of being a published author and I am working at it. Truly I am working at it. I think if this computer crashed with all 159 pages of what I have written already I would more than likely cry for days. I have noticed though that there are two types of people in the world. The Poncho People who protect themselves and don't reach out far to make their dreams come true being so cautious. then there are the dreamers who reach for it all in hopes of gaining their greatest dreams. Don's dream was to own his own store. He has reached out and grabbed it. yes, there was some divine intervention on that, but it has happened nonetheless. He is wonderful at also rooting me on for my dream. books are not his thing, but he is always supportive and understanding about my late night typing sessions. he understands that I have a lack of concentration when the words are flowing through my head. Is it easy for him to deal with. Not at all!!! He does though and for that i am grateful and always will be. So, if you are a Poncho Person out there then I pray that you are happy being who you are and live life to your fullest capacity. If you are a dreamer, then reach for what you want to be and if you don't make it then it was only because you didn't try!!!! Go dreamers!!!!


Jen said...

am I a poncho of a dreamer? I can't decide. I think mostly because all of my dreams have come true. I guess I need to search for a new one. I guess that makes me a poncho.

Tammy said...

Jen, You are so NOT a poncho person. I see a fabulous woman who has had dreams and has seen them through. yes, they have come true, but new dreams will erupt with force and I just know that you will see them through as well. Poncho people are not the same way. they have dreams and are too timid to really reach for it. Too cautious. Don't get me wrong cautious is always a good thing, but too cautious is not good either.