Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Time Out For Me!!

After talking to several friends and some of our customers for the past few days I realized that we never take time for rejuvinate...and to be more than just honey or Mom!!! This was my first ever time away. I was in Mazatlan away on a cruise. The only contact I had with my family was texting a couple times to Don from Cabo San Lucas. I went with my sister-in-law and my niece and her friends and had the time of my life. I realized that soemtimes I need me time...wherever it may be. this year I took my me time in Girl's Camp. Yes, I was up when the generator started at 6am...yes I was in there until kris kicked us out so she could mop...but i cooked and cleaned and served. i have made lifelong friends and got away from the monotony of life. This trip i even went horseback riding in the jungles of Puerto Vallarta...well behind it anyway and even swam with and rode a dolphin. Tell me that was not cool!!! The dolphin thing was a dream come true for me. i will be forever grateful that my hubby understands my needs to escape and he gest his when he goes hunting for a week. We take turns so that one of us is always at the store...until we get enough help to go on a longer family vacation. Sounds great to me!!! Anyway, think of your time what you like to do to rejuvinate. i would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Where do you do? Right now I plug in my ipod and dive into my computer and drift off into another world with my dear sweet characters in the book I am working on. It helps me get away from normal life. What do you guys do? Where do you go? Where would be the best place to go on a girl's week away from kids and hubbies..just gal pals and no worries?

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