Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another fine letter I have received....

Well all...it has happened again. I have received my third letter telling me what a horrible writer I am. Only problem is...I don't believe it yet. Oh well, I guess they will have to try and break another girl's heart because as with everything I am a work in progress. my writing abilities are progressing as my dear friend Lynne has helped me. My creativity has been flowing...too which I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father. I honestly do like getting the turn down letters and I will tell you why. You are going to think me just a bit more insane than normal, but with every single turn down letter I get...this one was actually signed. I read one little bit of the letter that makes me smile. "Dear Author" are the words that truly make me smile. I always think of myself as a writer. Author is the title that you earn when your story is published. In my heart, I am a writer...I am not an author...yet. Believe me...when that glorious day comes when someone truly goes insane and accepts one of my manuscripts I will be screaming it from the top of the Altamont....the Sierras are too far away and quite honestly I don't have enough energy to climb Mount Everest to scream it from there. So, in honor of my latest rejection I hold a glass aloft and send a toast to all those striving to live their dreams, whatever they may be, through what seems to be impossible circumstances. To you I raise my tall pink Bubba Gump glass to celebrate the wonderful people that you are and all of your amazing abilities!!! Cheers to you all!!!!

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