Thursday, November 15, 2007

F-R-I-E-N-D-S forever...I'll be there foryou!!!

If any of you have heard the full extent of this night please forgive me, but truly it was one of the craziest our lives. It started out simple enough. Dinner with friends to celebrate our 15th anniversary. I am now incredibly sorry that until last week I did not have a digital camera to record the evening because truly it was like living an episode of FRIENDS. Don thought it would be fun to rent a limo for the night to take us to San we are together 24/7 we have absolutely nothing to talk about other than the store and the kids so we figured it would be fun to invite another couple to take out for the night. Figuring after all the craziness in their lives up until that point we figured Lora and Anson could really use a night out to not think of the bad stuff and concentrate on the good stuff. Well, that ended up being the best night we have had in a long time. Our limo arrived nice and prompt complete with red carpet and balloons for us to celebrate our night. We also had champagne which was a laugh considering I explained to the company several days prior that none of us drink. So they were going to replace with sparkling cider. Oh well, we survived. our trip got underway and we were having a good time. Lora began making strange little faces until she could not stand it any longer. She HAD to take off the boots as they had not stretched out enough for her to wear fully yet. So we sat back and enjoyed the night talking while Lora began to play with the lights. might i add that somehow we were booked into the prom limo that actually had fireworks bursting with different colors as we pushed the buttons. As if that hadn't been enough we arrived to the fabulous restaurant Palio D'Asti on Sacramento street. When we arrived we all climbed out with the exception of Lora. Bless her heart the poor girls could not get her boots back on. After a few minutes. She managed and joined us walking into the restaurant. Now, i must add that my dear BFF Lora did not happen to feel her best as she came down with a cold so concentrating on something was just not gonna happen at this point. We were shown immediately to our table where we quickly sat. The waiter came over and introduced himself...not that I remember his name now and rattled off a list that made us all look at him strangely. he talked so fast we heard: "blah blah blah cod blah blah blah sea bass blah blah blah pasta..." and you get the picture from there. Poor Lora had the deer in the headlights look that was enough to make me laugh. bless her heart she looked at him and explained that she had no idea just what he had said...i doubt the rest of us understood either. Finally after nearly 15 minutes of painful ordering we managed to come up with a menu for the night. Now, also Lora had this thing for clean forks. She actually requested at one point for our waiter to bring her five did he do? he brought her five different forks. It was incredibly funny. the maitre d walked past several times staring at the forks. We later explained that the waiter was doing exactly as ordered by Lora so that he would not get in trouble. The maitre d looked at the forks and then rushed off only to come back with the only fork that the waiter had forgotten. Of course, who could have forgotten our dear businessmen traveling form somewhere in Asia enjoying our basic dump trucks. We watched trying desperately not to laugh as they each took turns pretending they were the dump trucks lifting the dumpsters off the ground. Poor Lora and Don were looking out the window and were unable to turn around as that would make it too obvious that we were laughing at them. The evening was capped off with Lora enjoying sitting at the controls, down her window pretending to be on the cell phone and of course our dancing in the limo to some 80's music. So i must say although i felt trapped in an episode of friends...It was the most incredible night that i will never forget as long as I live. Well, until next year when Lora plans the itinerary...i think it involves a limo and target, perhaps even baskin robbins. I am not sure but I quite scared....Pray for my strength!!!

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