Thursday, March 4, 2010

Secret Date

Oh yes...the secret date. We've done it before, snuck away from the prying eyes and whining of our teens and pre-teen. Of course, sometimes we've snuck away on a far grander scale. This time, we chose to remain close. We dropped the kids off at school, showered, dressed and jumped in the car...snacks in hand.

Among the animals we did wander and lose ourselves. Later, upon telling our kids of our adventures the oldest humphed not truly caring. Our tween sighed saying how she wished she could've gone.

After walking around the zoo we opted to take the train on a ride. I would've taken more pics, but my camera died...literally took its last least the battery did.

It was so worth it and we found so many more wonderful places to go...for free!!!!

Free date nights!!! Love it!!!


Momza said...

HEY! I have been to that Zoo!!! SO fun!

H.K. said...

What a cool post to show that you can still find awesome things to do and its totally free!