Thursday, March 25, 2010

BEEP!!!! This is a recording!!!

Seriously, I don't know whether to take it as a compliment or just feel plain insulted.

No less than 5 guests in the past week have told me my voice sounded like a recording.


I thought to myself: "Really?! My voice must sound bad!!!"

However, today one of our dear Platinum Members (Platinum= Living in any Marriott for approximately 1/3 of the year) explained sweetly I should take it as a compliment.

His exact phrase was: "If I could hear your voice everytime I called to make a reservation I'd be staying at Marriott 365 days a year."


Oh yes, these men flirt. Regardless of age, they enjoy flirting. Mind you most of them are single. I won't guarantee all. I'm not THAT naive. I've had gentlemen ask me out to drinks when they visit the resorts I'm booking for them. I've had cameramen offer to bring me a loaf of sourdough bread fresh from San Francisco. After saving one gentleman over $1600 for a group of rooms he was booking for himself and co-workers He wanted to have all of his co-workers take me out to dinner. They even planned on renting a stretch limo so that all 12 of these men could escort me out to dinner. I've taken care of ambassadors, members of congress, producers, music legends, vice presidents of Major League Baseball Clubs and others.

The sweetest moment was an elderly man was making a reservation. In my old jobs I've often called my customers "sweetheart" or "honey." I let it slip when I was talking to him. He choked up a bit. I apologized profusely thinking I'd offended him. He quickly regained his composure and asked me not to worry about it. He said his wife of 40 years called him sweetheart the same way I had. She passed away 5 years earlier. I let it slip one more time and he wished me a good day, this time on purpose.

On a daily basis I feel honored with the sweet words of praise they send my way. However, I find myself stuck. The whole recorded voice thing...should I take it as a compliment? Or should I take offense?

It really could go either way...I think I'll take it as a compliment.

Who knows?

Perhaps someday...I'll be the voice of Marriott.

Oh yeah!!!


H.K. said...

Take it as a compliment! That means you sound very professional. I had a job where I had to go on the PA system to page someone and every time I went on, my co-workers laughed and said I sounded like one of those sex call operators. What ever the heck that means! No matter how much I tried to change my voice, it still made them crack up.

Tammy said...

You are TOO funny!!!