Saturday, March 13, 2010

Having Faith...

After overcoming my instant popularity at work for booking George Clooney's revervation...which included my manager running through the sales floor clutching a trendy LA magazine with my caller gracing the front compliments of the JW Marriott at LA Live who just happened to be visiting. Needless to say work was a little crazy for the two days I spent in the office. I was spoiled by my beloved Courtyard Waikiki who filled my desk with Honolulu Cookie company treats, a giant bamboo clothes pin, to be used for who knows what, and a variety of holders that will attach my purse to a table while out dining so it doesn't need to lay on the floor. So sweet, unfortunately I never use a purse, but who knows...someday I may carry one and actually need this.

Returning to work at home was a welcome treat indeed. As I sat taking in calls my phone lit up...not the one I work on mind you, but my actual home phone. It read out of the area. After I finsihed with my guest I paused my calls and listened to the message. Amtrak was calling. Not for me...for hubby. We had wandered across a position on the Amtrak website and it was truly perfect for him. I was so thankful. It plays to every single one of his strengths. Excited, we put in for it hoping we would get that one in a million chance for him to prove himself and get an interview.

He was quizzed about his background by the human resource manager and was told he would be conducting interviews at the end of the month. He was promised a time would be e-mailed to him. He got off the phone stunned. 2 hours later a repeat call of the same gentleman quizzing him again on the same questions. Perhaps that tactic works on some people in slipping up on their answers, but not my ultra honest hubby. Never ask him if you look fat in those pants...the truth will come out. This time he was given a time to show up and to be prepared for an interview with the human resources manager. I am excited and thrilled for him. He is truly putting himself out there for a job he will really love. He will need to travel, but if he is happy, no worries there.

My thoughts?! You're going to love my reasoning:

If he gets a discount on Amtrak...and I get a discount on Marriott....SUH WEET!!!!!

So, on the 26th he will put himself on the line and go for it. Thank heavens he already has the day off from work.

Such blessings!!!!

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Momza said...

tammy, that woudl be really saweet!
Oh I hope this is the blessing you and your family have been waiting for...
you deserve it.