Monday, March 15, 2010


One of the blessings of Marriott is working with fabulous people and being able to meet some incredibly fabulous people at incredibly fabulous properties.

In a crazy turn of events the lovely men at CPS were working on replacing the electric boxes at our apartments. Knowing the power had gone out 3 times before I managed to get the kids off to school I jumped into my, nearly forgotten, business attire and woke my hubby to warn him I was running into the office to work that day.

AND it was a good thing I did.

L.A. Live J.W. Marriott & Ritz Carlton was visiting to promote their property. One team in our office books the Southern California area which was the reason why they came to visit. In true LA style they catered in lunch to us, brought in the red carpet as I rambled on about before.

One thing that ALWAYS happens on these visits is a quiz that helps us to familiarize ourselves with the properties.

Being the Cali girl I am an LA quiz was nuthin' I know the area and it was easy to familiarize myself with the property. Located across the street from the Nokia Center, where American Idol and the Grammys are televised from and within a block of the Staples center, where the Laker's play I knew that area. Wolfgang Puck's is there. There are incredibly Chic restaurants in the area and a fun place to be. Selling this property, was going to be a snap.

Being the travel nerd I am I check my work e-mails several times a day, even when not working, to keep up to date. I received 37 alone today.

Tonight a special e-mail was in my inbox. One that was mailed throughout my office.

Ken, our So. Cal Manager announced the winner of the quiz....Really? There was a prize? I had no idea.

Can you believe it?!

I WON!!!!!

I started screaming...the kids ran into the room wondering what was happening. I won a 2 night stay on a friday /saturday night in the Junior Suite including breakfast for 2 and valet parking. I can barely believe it!!! What a wonderful blessing!!! My kids were thrilled, but knew I wouldn't be able to take everyone. My youngest threw in the suggestion that I should use it to go away for the weekend with hubby for our anniversary this fall.


How fun would that be for us?!

And hubby? Is he excited?

Well, he's at work...he has no idea of our upcoming adventure. I can't wait!!!


Cynthia said...

I can't tell you how much it makes me smile to see you so happy and doing so well. What an awesome trip- that's gonna be one amazing anniversary!

Silcox Stories said...

Tammy you never cease to amaze me. You are learning, growing,teaching, helping, serving, and on and on. Is there anything you don't do? You deserve that prize more than anyone I can think of! So happy to hear about the schedule change and keeping my fingers crossed for the 26th!