Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm spoiled...

Rotten to the core...that's what I am. I had to go into work during a last minute rush as my computer refused to upload the Marriott system. Needless to say I was unthrilled as I hadn't bothered to dry my hair...being a little lazy that day and it looked bad...I mean worse than bad. I looked like one of the homeless wandering the streets of San Antonio. However, I was there. My boss greeted me with open arms welcoming me back into the office and making sure I was paid for my time, even though I was sitting in the car on the way to the freeway. I got paid to drive into work yesterday...NICE!!!

Of course I paid for it later when my third and final bus transfer came in nearly 45 minutes late...I could've walked home from the Medical's only a couple miles.

Anyhoo!!!!My boss was quick to ask if I'd received my certificate for my free weekend stay. When I admitted I hadn't she said in her sweetest voice.

"No worries, sweetie, I'll take care of everything." She is the tiniest little woman and I adore her. She was born in Turkey and grew up in Germany...there are times when her english makes no sense structurally, but we all adore her and understand what she is telling us anyway.

A few minutes later the Southern California manager arrive with certificate and folder in hand. He gave me a quick political correctness in our office. We all love each other and look at each other as a family, nothing more, nothing less. I was congratulated. Of course I thanked him and told him how excited I was for this. He quickly explained this certificate is one of the most expensive prizes they have given this year. 2 nights= over $1,000. WOW!!!! I am in shock. Hubby has agreed to go along even though the thought of being in California reminds us of the heartbreak we've endured over the past couple years. The manager also was quick to tell me to call and book quickly as they wanted to provide 2 tickets to the Grammy Hall of Fame museum which was nearby.

I'll book when I get to my day off on Monday.

And yes...I'm not just well taken care of...I'm spoiled.


I am THRILLED!!!! I found out the woman Don works with was offered a job in my office. She will now become my sister in the Marriott family. It felt good to help another who has been struggling.


Momza said...

well look at this, would ya?
Wow. Life is definitely taking some great turns for you guys!
So so so happy for you Tammy!

Ninny said...

I was thinking about you today(even before you commented on my blog) and remembering how wonderful I think you are- spoiled or not!
I am glad to see, after all you've been through, that you are enjoying exciting adventures!

H.K. said...

You totally deserve to be spoiled! Your job sounds so great and you're giving me an idea to apply for the Marriott hotels here.