Saturday, August 29, 2009

Long Week...

No, this is not what the poor computer at Mariott looks like, but what I felt like making it look like isntead. We were told the second week of training would be the hardest, but as usual...I don't beleive people when they tell me these things. Why should it be?!?! It's training!!! So, needless to say I went along my happy way during my training. Unfortunately, I was patience and all...tested to the ends of my very nerves. Our seats were switched and beleive me the two people I was sitting next to are fabulous wonderful sweet people...and I mean it. knew that was coming... the person on my right kept asking me questions...every other minute...and I am be quite literal on this. Bringing my rate of learning lower. I couldn't take it. I was starting to lsoe it. Not that he didn't need answers. He's a smart man and he is going to get it, but the program is self paced. I was two lessons ahead of him and now he has nearly caught up to me. Besides, the fact when he couldn't understand a concept he cursed just loud enough for both of us on either side to hear. It is frustrating to say the least. Why do I feel like this? I mean really. I DID stop to help someone else. What's so wrong in that?! Maybe my progression was held up, but I was helping someone along. So, as I left...over 1 1/2 hours later than most of the rest of the class who opted to leave earlier I felt I had done everything I could. I did talk to my trainer about the frustration and she understood and let me know the whole class was being shifted again on Monday. I know I shouldn't have got frustrated and that my co-worker simply needed help. I know I am so far from being perfect, but sometimes I find frustration has joined me.Any ideas on what I can do?! You all are smart wonderful people! I know there are answers for me...and don't think I hadn't thought about earplugs.

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Jen said...

You should've become a teacher! Not!
♥ Jen