Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In A Rut..

I'm not sure how it has happened, but here I a rut. perhaps I'm caught off guard by not having the money right now to go out and see the sights. Trust me...there are plenty of sites around here to see and I am dying to see them!!! I've been to the Alamo and really had a wonderful time wandering the small looks so much bigger in the movies. I am dying to spend the day wandering and I have to admit I am looking forward again to date nights. I know what you are saying. With date nights you can do so many things without spending money...Yes, but we are watching our gas very closely until my life with Marriott starts. For those who have never lived in an area of high humidity...neither had I until takes time to adjust. I've given me that time and I look forward to being fully adjusted. I do admit I no longer feel it as much except at the height of the hot day.

I also admit I am somewhat sad that I won't be here for the kids when they get home from school and it bothers me. I love to be here when they get home...that way if they have a question I can answer it. I AM grateful however that both the high school and junior high my kids are attending have a homework hotline in case help is needed. I am incredibly excited for their new adventures. AND I will be coming home by mid-November to work so that will make me feel so much better when that comes about. The best traffic. I like it that way. I am also looking forward to when my honey and I have the day off together in the middle of the week. Perhaps when the "cooler" weather comes we can wander around the riverwalk or even go on a date to Sea World while the kids go to school. Sounds like fun to me. Nothing more romantic than petting dolphins and smelling like fish. Insert romantically kissy face right here.

Yes, I confess I may be losing it, but that's all right. I've been caught up in my writing again and soon I will have the first chapter done. It is a love of mine that keeps me going, keeps my mind active.

So friends...if you see my marbles rolling on by wave as they roll off onto their next great never know where they'll appear next!!!


Tami said...

My marbles are rolling with yours. At least we're together!

Tammy said...

Yay!!! TamI and TammY are back together again!!! Wheee!!!!!

Jen said...

Well, you did move from dry heat to humidity. It will take some getting used to...
♥ Jen

Tammy said...

I know, but I'm like an impatient two year old. I want everything normal and I want it NOW!!!! Slowly, we'll make it!

Cherie said...

It sounds like you are doing great. It's been a busy time for you and you just have concerns that any good mother would have.

The great thing is you live there now so you have time to explore and take it slowly.

I love reading your blog - You are real and you show your feelings and many of your feelings are what we all fear, and feel and every other emotion.

Keep up the good work!!