Friday, August 7, 2009

Gearing up for Monday....

The final days of this week are exapected to march on fairly quickly, at least with soem entertainment. Today we are relaxing around the house, with one quick trip to the market. Tomorrow brings us to a quick day of work for Don, who has to wake up early, and then we enjoy some time with our ward members getting to know them and attempting to actually learn some names. A nice quiet day on Sunday is always a blessing which drops us straight on Monday's doorstep. Hubby works later in the evening but our main event will be starting bright and early. Molly abd Bryan will "finally" be signed up for school. It's hard enough to sign one child up for double it. Ugh!!! Not to mention the fact that this entire week is filled up with running from one place to another...all in the name of school.

Tuesday is Prep Day for Corinna
Wednesday is Prep Night for Molly & Bryan
Thursday I finally get to take a deep breath
Friday we drop Corinna off at Freshman Ram Camp- to learn about her school from the upper classmen, then we pick up hubby's paycheck, run errands, pay bills, pick up Corinna, & buy a few items for school clothes.
Saturday I sleep while hubby runs off to work
Sunday is my day of which I will create fabulous cupcakes for Molly bee for her 12th birthday...drop hubby off to work, take Corinna to her back to school seminary fireside, pick up hubby...see I told you it was a day of rest...and prepare for my first day of work the following day.

I felt a bit guilty that I was starting my first day of work on Molly's birthday, but this morning I felt better when I saw hubby's schedule and that he has the entire day off with our little girl...ahem...Young Woman...Already?! Sigh!!!

This is where I stick my head in the sand and join the ostriches hiding from some major facts...
#1 It sucks to see your baby growing up
#2 I truly hate signing my kids up for school in new schools
#3 I am a mother of a high schooler
#4 This fall promises to deliver some great friday night lights games!!!

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Silcox Stories said...

Wow, life there is taking off whether you're ready or not! And don't worry you look way too young to have a kid in high school!

As for the rut, hang in there. This too shall pass... You are doing great things for and with your family, the blessings will come.

With love-