Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho!!!

It's off to work I go!!!
I will tell you now I made the most complete and utterly wonderful decision of my life in job choices..oh yes, there were choices!!! I am so excited because there are so many different avenues for growing with the company and like one special friend told me before I started...Marriott LOVES their employees. I've never in my life felt so welcomed by a company I worked for. Sure, there's always a welcome of pleasant words and encouragement when you start training....however, never has such wonderful people surrounded a class and welcomed us in a way that I am feeling valued and I just started!!!

The best part. I can literally go anywhere in the world I choose to work with the company. Can I just tell you I love that!!! I am a travel junkie! I admit it whole heartedly. I love walking into a freshly cleaned hotel room and daydream of the adventures I will have with each trip!!! FABULOUS!!!!

I am loving my job and finding that I am really getting to know my fellow employees...well a few since there are 600 of them in the office. I look forward to transitioning home and working from my desk here. I am looking forward to many different aspects of my job and loving every minute of it!!! So, I walk into my job happy, carefree, desperately trying to learn all the different material...much of which will take time to sink in through this thick head...but I find when you love what you's so much easier!!!
So, forgive me dear friends for not being in contact earlier...I', enjoying my job and trying to learn how to sleep...Getting home at midnight can be tough on a morning person!!!

Next week school begins. I have a high schooler, which means seminary starts..6AM!!!! and two middle schoolers now who will literally need t take care of themselves at home at night. I know they can do it. I'll leave dinner ready for them before I leave for work and all will be well. I am excited for them. They are great steady minded kids and I love them dearly!!! All is well my friends...I'm nearing the top of the peak and ready to start on my way down of this trial...I pray Mount Everest isn't on the other side!!!!


Poetry of Life said...

Yay Tammy! I'm so happy you are on the upside of life again.

Freyja Colborn said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad things are going good for you.

Jen said...

I've missed you! But I am so glad that while you are away you are happy and being built up! I love that you love your job! Yay Marriott! Have a great Friday!
♥ Jen

Jen said...

PS I am missing that I can't talk Harry Potter with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
♥ Jen

Cynthia said...

I can feel the happy just rolling off your words. I'm so glad the clouds are lifting and you're coming out the other side better off. Congrats on the job. This is the first of many new adventures for you and we'll be excited to read about them!