Thursday, March 24, 2011

Therapy Needed....

So, being that walking is still not my forte so to say, I am still stuck in my blasted chair. I've forced myself to walk around the block even though afterwards I can't walk. I simply hobble around here and there. Anyway, more to the point...having three teenagers the first thing they ask as they come on in from school: "Can I go on Facebook?!" How can I not have fun with them?!?!?!

When my dearest Bee walked in she asked me her fatal question. To which I replied:

"Absolutely.....after you touch my scab." Devious me smiled and she danced for nearly 20 minutes. I was nearly in tears laughing so hard tryingto catch my breath. I was unable to tell her I was simply joking before she danced her way over and gently touched all the while cringing...

Yes, my daughter will now need therapy for the rest of her life....because I am her mother.

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