Saturday, March 5, 2011

Field Trip...Texas Style!!!

If there's one thing you learn living in Texas is that it's not unusual to drive an hour or more to reach a good barbecue place. And Oh Yeah!!! We found just the spot to hit the spot.

Black's Barbecue in Lockhart, Texas.

The biggest draw is their Brisket and Homemade Suasage Links. Filling up your plate is a new concept. You grab a tray and a plate. Side dishes are extra and you buy your meat by the pound. Sausage links are ordered by the link. Don picked up 2 lbs of brisket and 5 homemade sausages, 2 regular, 2 garlic and 1 jalapeno. So yummy!!!!

Much to my kids' dismay I've been enjoying the Brendan Fraser marathon of movies this past week. No...I didn't write a long e-mail to the station asking for all the Brendan Fraser they could give me.....3 movies in 2 days. SuhWeet!!! I enjoy action and comedy rolled into one. So...yeah...I love the Mummy movies and saw Journey to the Center of the Earth for the first time last night. I so needed to laugh...this not walking thing is going to send me over the edge!!!

Well, have a Rip Roarin' Day!!!!

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