Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gimpalooski and Other Thoughts...

All right, so after meeting with my fabulously incredilbe doctor who has singlehandedly removed the horrid pain from my foot and replaced it with a healing pain, which I find frighteningly bearable I am doing fairly well. I still gimp around and resemble Sir Gimp-A-Lot, but whatever, the lack of pain I was used to is gone and that's all that matters.

School is going fairly well. I am frustrated in some classes but soaring in others. Who knew when you really care about going to school it could go so easily. I am in a huge battle with my oldest to graduate with a degree, albiet an Associate's Degree, but a degree nonetheless, before she receives her high schoo, diploma. I've got time as she is only a sophmore. Secretly, she told me she wants to be there at my graduation and if I graduate after she is off to college there's a chance she won't be there. So, that is why I push. I look forward to a summer without classes and enjoy some off time before picking up again in the fall. We shall see how it all goes. I will continue to push on the way I need to to amke it on through,but as long as I don't start some Charlie Sheen rants I am counting myself as all right.

Seriously, he has made my job as a parent easy.....See kids, this is what taking drugs does to you. After watching his tirades and pouting I feel sort of sorry for the guy. How could he have gotten THAT screwed up. He is one of our Father in Heaven's children after all. How could his friends and family let him get to that point without trying to intervene. Or perhaps they did, but couldn't succeed. It's a sad testament to the world. Satan is still out there...and he is real.

I am thrilled to announce all three of my kids are signed up to go to EFY this year together, but seperately. Does that even make sense? Anyway, they are going to be here in San Antonio, but simply have a week on their own in a wonderful program. They'll also each have a week of camp going on. For the girls...they'll be home a day and a half before heading off to camp. Now that'll be interesting....that's for sure. I think they'll have a great time and some great experiences this summer. Never dull I must say...never dull.

Other than that I am simply wasting my time online...annoying my friends on facebook . My only job right now is to take the kids to seminary. I enjoy it...though I ahve to peel myself out of bed so least I can take a nap in the morning. it's a good thing. A very good thing methinks.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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