Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Cast" Away

No, I am not sitting on a deserted island, though it is Spring Break and my two girls are PMSing big time so it does sound quite tempting, My cast was removed on Tuesday. I thought I'd be up and running and all would be fine....Boy was I wrong!!!

The cast was removed and I was left with a foot wrapped and bandaged. Needling to leave it for 48 hours without unconvering it I found myself dying to see my foot and how bad it was. Now I regeret it. Why did I even want to look?

If you are queasy I suggest you forward past the picture coming

May I present: "FRANKENFOOT!!!!"

Yup, it used to be a cute little foot. So "little" is strestching it a bit. I confess, I'm a size 10. Anyway, I no longer have a simple normal foot. No it's a huge scarred mass of footage. Bummer.

I'm looking forward to walking with less and less pain as the time goes on. It's a good thing to know I'm almost done with this. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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