Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!!!

Every night as I walk out of my office there he hubby. Sitting patiently for over an hour after he'd already gotten off work, waiting for me...his one and only true love. OK! So I admit, he has never used those exact words, but holding his hand on Monday night said it all. We drove home together recounting our adventures in work and how I so totally saved one family's vacation. Let's just say they thought they had reservations in Maui and were leaving the next day...and there were no reservations. I swooped in and saved the day, but that's neither here nor there. As we arrive here at our complex we park all the way at the end of the lot. Near 1am we walk hand in hand up to our apartment. This time it was different. We were recounting our past year and the stresses and trials that had come about. In a quiet voice he simply said:

"If I had to go through it, I'm glad I went through it with you."


All is well with the world.

UPDATE: I was interviewed for a seat at the Resort Desk. OK, so it's more of a cubicle, but it involves specialization and a raise. A fellow trainee and I were invited and he will be interviewed today. 8 specialists will be hired. I look forward to find out if I am one of them. What could be worse than planning fabulous vacations in incredible resorts...most of the in Hawaii?! LOVE IT!!! I will find out at some point tomorrow and will let you all know!


Nicole said...

Good Luck! Hope you get the job!

Freyja Colborn said...

I am so glad you guys are doing good. I hope you get the job to. That would be awesome.