Saturday, October 24, 2009

17 years ago...

All is quiet in my house this morning giving me time to reflect on the past 20 years of m life. 20 years ago my life was spiraling out of control and I was desperate to find a way to stabilize my life and feel happy again. I found my church. I love it here and I still remember the sadness of my B.C. (Before Church) years so that I can appreciate the way my life is now. 18 years ago I was baptized on October 16th. What a beautiful day and one filled with many tears for my family and friends. It was wonderful.

Three days after my baptism...well, this is when the true story begins. We had a large group of friends from church over playing pictionary. It was a blast and I spent the entire night laughing...Until...the doorbell rang. My older brother instantly leapt to answer and in walked this man. With incredible blue eyes, the likes I've never seen before, and a quiet smile he walked in with his brother. I'm sure he caught me glancing over to him several times throughout the night. As the night ended I finally was introduced to the man with the mesmerizing eyes. My brother was sweet enough to tell this man he should marry me.

He listened.

17 years ago today I drove up to our new apartment and picked up my hubby. We drove to the temple quietly agreeing that we wouldn't give the word "divorce" a spot in our vocabulary. Instead we would fight tooth and nail together.

17 years ago... We walked hand in hand into the temple to begin our new life as husband and wife. He laughed throughout the entire ceremony because he couldn't contain his happiness. I wanted to throttle him...and laugh at the same time.

As I look back on nearly two decades of rough spots and incredible times I find I still get lost in his incredible blue eyes, though he rolls them quite often at my bad humor. I can barely believe in 3 years we will hit 20 years, our oldest will be a senior in high school readying herself for college while the other two follow closely behind.

So today I have to go to work, leaving my eternal sweetie and family behind. Tonight we celebrate:

17 years down, an eternity to go.


Momza said...

Well that was just enough to make me teary-eyed. Blessings to you and your blue-eyed love.

The Redhead Riter said...

That's really sweet.

Cynthia said...

Happy Anniversary! Your relationship has been seriously tested in the last year and it's wonderful to see you two still going strong.

H.K. said...

What a beautiful story and happy anniversary!