Thursday, October 22, 2009

In my own little world...

In my own little world it made perfect sense....wear my ipod so that nobody would think they needed to talk to me and tell me their life's story. Yeah...I get it all the time. One spring afternoon in Cali I learned of the struggle of a single father with a three year old daughter. By the time my oil change was finished I knew his life backwards and forwards. It's a pattern that has repeated itself throughout my life. Apparently, I have the face of someone who is to be confided in and that loves to hear every one's history.

Of course, using public transportation you learn that not everyone on the bus is like me...wanting to keep their lives private. And so I smile politely and let them talk, all the time wondering if they know I can't hear what they are saying above the hum of the bus. But I again nod my head politely and smile.

I took a new route on Monday which brought me to downtown San Antonio. I got off the bus and crossed the street to my next stop and waited. While I was there I drank in the surroundings. All around stood high rise buildings. I was about 2 blocks, if that, from the Riverwalk, which was filled with gloriously old buildings with incredible architecture and design. One of these days I may take some snapshots.

My bus arrived and I climbed on and joined a variety of people making their way home from work. I watched as a pastry chef had a conversation with another gentleman who was as nice as nice could be though he was undeniably lonely as he struck up a conversation with everyone he could. At the next stop I moved seats as an older gentleman was boarding and I wanted to make sure he could sit comfortably. That was when the gentleman began to strike up a conversation about a hotel that was downtown. He told us of how beautiful it was right next to the Riverwalk and how it had been remodeled to look very beautiful on the inside while keeping that old San Antonio feel. I knew the building. I'd toured it in training.

The stranger motioned for me to pull off my earphones as he regaled me of it's beauty. After 2 minutes with no breath he paused and asked me where I worked.


"Marriott" I told him.

For the next ten minutes until he left the bus he went on to describe each of the 20 or so other properties in San Antonio that Marriott owns. I smiled and said good-bye as the gentleman exited the bus. Silence...Ahh yes!!!

I took off from my next stop and waited for my last bus to arrive. It was a nice wait and I enjoyed siting and watching the people go by. I indulged in a movie on my Ipod and jumped on my bus when it arrived. Again I silently prayed for no words to come from anyone's mouths. Nope...not going to happen. As I was watching my movie a gentleman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what movie I was watching and then continued to watch the movie over my shoulder until I exited the bus.

One thing for is never dull.


Jen said...

Sounds nice that people actually want to chat. Wouldn't life be terrible if we were in our own world's and never struck up converstaion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jen