Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good or Bad? I Love Surprises!!!

Yesterday seemed like I was tumbling back and forth. I was set to work another 3:30pm to midnight shift. I was ready early and I sat down to read my e-mail. Yes, I'm sort of a nerd. I even check my work e-mail at home. It was worth it. I received an e-mail I wasn't expecting and it turned the day into a smile producer. As you all know I answer the phones and take reservations at Marriott. I love it! I talk to so many wonderful people. My co-workers and I have made reservations for NFL referees, NBA players, FEMA workers rushing to help those who live in Atlanta and have been flooded from their homes. There are so many different people from different walks of life, but my ultimate love is booking a vacation people will never forget. Therefore, once I learned of the Resort Desk. I was hooked and wanted so desperately to get my teeth into it. Planning honeymoons, family reunions, weddings and specializing in vacations at 13 particular properties, one of which is a mere 20 minutes from my house. I've been thrilled. Once I talked to the Resorts Manager, whom I met while I was still in training I explained to her I was planning to make it into her group as quickly as possible. She talked to me a bit and told me exactly what she was looking for and asked what I brought to the table. When I revealed I was a former travel agent her eyes brightened. She took my name down. I've been working hard and I received an e-mail just as everyone else in the office did. An opening has occurred in the Resort's desk and they were looking to hire. I smiled slightly knowing full well I hadn't made it through my first month on the sales floor let alone 6 full months of employment which was required. Then it hit me...Remind her of who I am. I sent a quick e-mail. "I know I don't meet your requirements as of yet, but I look forward to the next opening." It was shot and simple...I had no idea why I pressed the "send" button and felt like a fool afterwards. It all boiled up until yesterday. I received an amazing e-mail from Nilay...the Resort Manager.

"I'd like you to apply for the position. I've talked to the general manager and have gotten you an exception. You are now considered qualified to take the test and interview. Please stop by HR to apply."

My jaw dropped

I danced around the apartment like a kid on Christmas.

I had a chance. I nearly teared up when I relayed the information to my hubby who was overjoyed.

"I'd say leave now and apply today. Go get 'em! I know you can do it!" he smiled while his eyes twinkled. You know the look...The "my wife is amazing" look we all get from our husband's from time to time.

I quickly e-mailed Nilay and told her I would be in the office in 30 minutes and will head straight to HR and thanked her profusely for going out on a limb for me.

As I arrived I was greeted by the HR manager who had hired me back on August 15th...less than 2 months before.

She greeted me warmly and at my down at the computer. I was to take a test, apply for a job I'd dreamed of for the past 4 weeks. As I finished the application and test I walked away feeling confident and stunned.

Can it be?! Are they really going to give me a fair shake?! This is a dream.

Will I get the job? That is unknown, but what I do know is that I have many people supporting me and cheering me on. What could be better?!

The bad news? I received my new schedule for next month...6 hour days. I'll be desperately trying to pick up any overtime I can to break even. I trust in Heavenly Father though. This pathway will lead me where I need to go.

Guess what?! I still love surprises!!!


Nicole said...

I am so excited for you!

Momza said...

I have come to a place in my life where, after I've done all I can do, I give it up to Heavenly Father. It's cliche, but it gives me peace. After all I can do, I surrender my will to His. May you be blessed with all that you need.

Poetry of Life said...

Yay Tammy!!! I hope you get it. You would be so great at it!!! We miss you guys!