Friday, October 9, 2009

Not Even Two Months....

I arrived at work early ready to start another great day of making people happy....and I must add there are plenty that weren't, but with a cheerful attitude and a smile on my face, their anger was diffused and their days brightened just a bit. That is the part I truly love about my job. I can spread those smiles across the phone line and give someone that extra boost. It's an awesomely powerful position to be in.

Yesterday was made even better to know it was payday. Oh yeah, it's getting better! As I entered the door the room was already in cheering mode...literally. Yes, the office was celebrating the reservationist's opinion of our workplace. We were the top results for all reservation centers in the Marriott chain and the managers were taking care of our needs. ChaCha's catered in mouthwatering fajitas, with incredible handmade tortillas and freshly mixed guacamole to go along with cupcakes and even a margarita machine...non-alcoholic of course.

At this point, my day was already on the road to being a good one. Life was all good at that point, as far as I was concerned. And then it got better.

I was asked to apply a couple weeks ago for a position with the Resort Desk. Last night as I leaned back in my chair recovering from my intensely delicious dinner, Nilay approached and asked me to come to her cubicle. I walked in and she greeted me warmly. Then she said the words that sent me over the edge of happiness.

"I would like to offer you a position at the Resort's Desk."

Those simple words are a coveted commodity at work and I was offered a position after starting at Marriott less than 2 months ago. I spent one month in training for the regular job and introduced myself to Nilay on the last day of training and told her I was looking forward to working for her in the future. Many of my class thought I was being forward. One applauded my attitude and tenacity. I've worked on the floor less than a month and now I had arrived at the first step in my goal.

So, why am I telling you this?

I want to share two somethings I've learned.

The first:

Worse case scenario...I would've been told "No." There would be no painful torture or mobs with pitchforks and torches had I opened my mouth. I simply put myself out there.

The second:

And most important might I add!!!

Heavenly Father prepares us for reasons we don't always understand. Several years ago, I took courses through an online school to become a travel agent. I worked part time planning vacations and business travels for others for 3 years. Why? I had no idea. I was already running a business with my husband...why in the world would I need to be a travel agent?! It turns out THAT was the reason why I was asked to apply for a position with the Resort Desk.


That Heavenly Father.....

He's one smart cookie!!!!


Momza said...

Well done!! Well Done!!
Let the celebrations begin!!!!

I am so stinkin happy for you Tammy!!
You deserve this!!!!! Way to go Girl!!!!! KUDOS!!!

Freyja Colborn said...

Yeah I am so excited for you Tammy. This is totally awesome news. I have to agree with momza you totally deserve this.

H.K. said...

Congratulations, I'm so happy for you! You are so right that sometimes things don't make sense until much later in life and I'm glad your training paid off!

Cynthia said...

That's wonderful! Isn't it amazing when you see it all come together? I'm so happy that everything is going so well for you.

I have volunteered as the Community Education Chairperson for a local Conservation Garden. I'm hoping I'll eventually understand why!

Poetry of Life said...

Yay Tammy!

Jen said...

That is so wonderful!!! You seem soooooo happy! Miss you!

Jen said...

That is so wonderful!!! You seem soooooo happy! Miss you!

Jen said...

That is so wonderful!!! You seem soooooo happy! Miss you!