Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Sweet Sunday...You should've seen his face!!!

All I wanted to do was sleep...Sleep Sleep Sleep the day away. I know, I I love being there. It recharges my battery and sends me of for another full week. As we arrived the kids and hubby headed towards the chapel and I wound my way around to the bishop's office to pick up a tithing envelope. That's it! All I had planned was to pay my tithing and rejoin my family. As I sat, to fill in my slip one of the brother's approached. "We were going to ask if you could wait after church, but since you're you have a moment to talk?"


We then chat and I receive a calling, my first in Texas. To be perfectly honest, this calling is one that is among the most difficult for me. If you know anything about me this is it...I'm not good with toddlers. I never have been. I'm the woman you ask to hold your baby while tie your shoe and I literally hold the little one out away from me as if it were an alien. Having all three of my children in three years their toddler years are a blur. In fact, I've blotted most of the terrible twos out of my memory completely. The teen years are my favorite and I'm loving the age my kids are at right now. They're awesome and it was worth enduring the babyhood years to reach this time.

Back to the point...I receive the calling as assistant nursery leader. A little different than most wards we have three nurseries. Our ward here is littered with medical, dental and law students and their young families. My job as assistant nursery leader is to basically set up nursery and give support to the teachers, occasionally doing a little hands on work. Now, I'm breathing again once this is explained. With my crazy work schedule, not knowing from month to month where exactly I will end up it was also understood if I could not be there the world would indeed continue as I am not in a pivotal role. As I stumbled back to my family the organ music started and I had no chance to let my sweet husband know before sacrament meeting started about my new calling. In fact, he found out as everyone else in the ward did. The look on his face was priceless. My father did the same thing to my mother, of course he had known a lot earlier than I did.

After church, I was given a beautiful blessing by the bishopric member over primary and I felt happy with my calling. I was instructed that all I was to do in this calling was to find joy in serving the children. That was it. A few more lovely words were spoken of my current employment and I was instructed with that as well. Another piece of the puzzle known as my life has been laid into place. In the end we will make it to where we need to be. I am grateful for my new calling and I can hardly wait to fall in love with these little ones.


Momza said...

Nurseryland is a double-edged sword
one the one hand it's a Sunday-only calling--no meetings, no budget.
On the other, it can feel isolated from the rest of the ward.
So I hope you enjoy your time in there, and your ward doesn't leave you in there longer than 6 months.
Children teach us so much.

Tammy said...

At least I'm not too isolated...with 6 teachers a nursery leader and another assistant I'll get to know people a little closer. I'm just excited to serve and I will follow my blessing and find a way to find joy while serving the itty bitties in our ward.

Silcox Stories said...

Tammy! Know young children are not what you call, your specialty, but I know for a fact that you will find joy while serving those children; and their lives will be blessed. Dallin was just asking about you the other day and you were his teach for what 2 months, tops. I am so excited for you and so jealous of the mothers of those children, I hope they know how lucky they are to have you!