Saturday, September 5, 2009

I did it!

Something I've never done before. I've been blessed to be in a position to always have a car to get me from point A to point B. No questions asked. We made it happen. These days the distance to work is rather far....maybe 20 minutes to drive with no traffic. Unfortunately, hubby's hours don't add up to mine so we were left in a quandry. How do I get to work. Hubby would gladly take the bus...but it doesn't run from his work to mine. So again we are left with confusion. Yesterday , I left early and walked down to the bus stop, clutching tightly to my monthly pass. I was excited to try soemthing new in the big city.

the bus pulled up and I found a seat quickly...sticking near the entrance of the bus. As we drove on I watched the world around me pass by and what a beautiful world it is. I had the leaisure of watching ducks splash in a pond, preening their feathers while someone else drove. I saw beautiful neighborhoods....a little older, but beautiful nonetheless. I admired the bus company for not only incredibly wonderful air conditioning on the bus, but honoring Rosa Parks with a specially covered yellow leather seat on each bus embroidered with her name to honor her courage. I watched a mother bring her two very young children and a stroller onto the bus with two hands and then get off a few bus stops later. She carefully unloaded each of her babies and began walking the rest of her trek. I watched a man and woman standing at one stop. The woman clutching both her cane and the bus stop pole with white knucles. Her husband carefully loaded her then ran back outside to pck up their goods. Victim of a debilitating illness she smiled with the face of courage while her husband looked on with admiration of that courage. My heart had warmed as I watched on that ride an elderly gentleman help another man find his way to the local VA hospital. Truly incredible. On my last bus the seats were full and I was left to stand the final portion of my ride. I didn't mind as the group was a large group of handicapped teens going on a field trip to the air force base to be toured around. In the end I transferred twice and walked the final half mile to work with my heart full. Such an experience. I'll never forget. I wonder what will happen the next time I ride the bus?


Relief Society said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!! What a wonderful way to look at a mundane task. I wonder how many would do that? What a great people watch place, not in an intrusive way...but a way that reaffirms that we are all human no matter how old or what our physcial capabilities are. Plus...I always fantasize about living in a big city without a car and having to take a bus or subway or can wherever I go. You are living that fantasy of mine! In my fantasy I look like Sandra Bullock though. :)
<3 Jen

Tammy said...

The only problem is that being Sandra Bullock on a bus I would worry if I ever needed to drive or saw Keanu Reeves join me!!!

H.K. said...

My husband takes the train to work and I wish he had that same positive experience as you.

He comes home and complains about the swearing, the smell, and the loud teenagers....maybe he needs to just change his perspective. Great post!