Friday, September 18, 2009

Half Empty...Half Full?!

Apparently I'm tired and more than a bit grumpy for my co-workers. At break a fellow rep was complaining he could not understand a gentleman's horrible accent. He looked to me for commiseration. He was sadly disappointed. I told him I had a guest with a beautiful accent that I could not understand.

I've discovered that we choose how our day is going to go. To this man he was going to have a miserable day because he chose to be that way. I felt sorry for him. After just finishing training he also received another job offer. He has chosen to accept it. I was surprised to find myself more than a little irritated with this man because he truly was not thinking this through.

One month of training at Marriott cost the company $5,000. They've invested this money in people they've chosen. It was harder to get into my training class than to get into Harvard for goodness sake...numbers don't lie. They've found worth in his character and yet he tosses it to the side to earn 10% more in each paycheck. Perhaps it seems a great deal more and to him a job is a job. Perhaps I'm a bit to sensitive as I had to hunt for a job while he had the luxury of jumping from another job to this one. However, for me to think he took up space in a training class where another person who would be grateful for this job to feed their family. It's all perspective. Every call has a chance to be remarkable, just as every encounter with another person has a chance to be remarkable. my challenge to you all today...

Make every encounter with another person special today. Smile...and mean it. Love at them through heavenly eyes, not just disgruntled earthly eyes. And please share your experiences. I'd love to hear any experiences of looking through rose colored glasses for one day!!!

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H.K. said...

In the past couple of years, we have moved a few times and I have found it to be amazing people's perspectives in the church wards that we have attended.

One example...we moved to one ward where it was very hard to get to know people. It seemed that every one was in their own world and not very friendly, but I worked hard at smiling at every one and looking "happy". Though the reception at that ward was lukewarm, eventually we made some of the best friends there and later to find out it was a ward that experienced many trials.

In that same ward, another family moved in a few months ahead of us and hated the ward. My husband and I made friends with them, but later kept our distance when they continued to talk badly of the members and the leaders. I realized that we could have been like that couple if we didn't press on and continued to reach out to others even though they didn't in the beginning.

That's just and example where we had to look thru that situation thru rose colored glasses.