Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nobody Puts Baby Toe in the Corner...

There's no real way to combine these two, but why not?! I was sad to hear yesterday about Patrick Swayze losing his fight with pancreatic cancer. I truly loved him on both Dirty Dancing and Ghost. He will be missed.


I broke my baby toe. Is there not a more useless bone to break?! And yet it causes such pain. I was visiting with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law yesterday when I rose form the couch to use the little girl's room. While rounding the ottoman...I'd actually done this successfully a mere hundred times before...I apparently forgot to maneuver my monstrous size 10 feet around the furniture and caught my baby toe. I heard the snap and felt the throbbing, but at that point there is nothing you can do. In all honesty I never thought I broke it. I later slipped my feet into my loafers for work and though it was a tighter fit I figured I'd just popped the little toe ad it was a bit swollen. By the time I made it to work it was hurting being stuffed in my shoe. When I looked at it on break 2 hours later it was literally black and blue all over. The only other bone I've ever broken was my big toe. How weird is that? There's nothing to do but let it heal. No casts to sign at all!!! It's simply taping it to the toe next to it. Weird...


Momza said...

I liked Patrick Swayze. He seemed like a genuine guy to me...he loved his mother and his wife...and always talked about them with affection and gratitude.

As for your toe---ouch ouch ouch. Hope it heals quickly!

Cynthia said...

Sorry about the toe! OUCH! I hope all is going well with work.

I've been living in a cave for the last 2 weeks so I didn't even know Patrick Swayze died. Your post is 'breaking news' for me.

H.K. said...

Ouch and double outch! It's weird how you think a certain body part is useless until it breaks or hurts! Hope it heals soon!

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