Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Thankfulness...

It's Valentine's Day and I spent the day taking reservations for those who are deeply in love and canceling for those who'd broken up. I'm not one that ever swooned about Valentine's Day. In my past years the day has pretty much came to the same outcome every year...I work, Don runs off in his overly loud truck to pick up a dozen roses for me. This much different.

I finished my shift and unplugged for the day, my kids made their way home from church and my hubby was on his way to work. So much different, but so much better. I received a sweet hug and a hubby who made me a delicious breakfast on friday morning. So sweet.

I'm not one to watch the news, much to negative in my opinion, except tonight. The daytime running of Olympics program finished and the news just happened to follow. They mentioned a young confused teen playing Xbox live who was bragging he had a plan to overrun his high school, shoot a pregnant girls and shoot his best friend in the face, among others. A Canadian teen who happened to be alarmed by this talk notified the Canadian Mounties who in turn notified the San Antonio police department which followed the lead and arrested the young man before any harm could be caused.

I am thankful that my baby is safe and the young man will now get the help he needs. Today, I am thankful for so much more than a day to celebrate love.

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Cynthia said...

It makes me smile to see how things have changed for you. So much good stuff in the space of a year. You certainly deserve all the happy coming your way these days!