Thursday, February 18, 2010

C'Mon Ref!!!!

Their job is to know the rules an enforce them, even when it makes them less popular. People yelling at them all the time, getting boo'ed, making tough calls that aren't always easy to call. I honestly felt sorry for them.

How stupid was I?

I'm talking about referees, NFL Refs in particular, or at least the one I spoke to the other day. Here's the scenario:

When a conference group wants to come meet at one of our locations they talk to our Group Housing Division. Larger resorts have a group housing person directly on property as was this case. A group will come to the Event Planner and tell them how many rooms they need. A contract is drawn, signed and the conference is set. Nothing to it really.

What gets ugly is when the rooms start to run out. I spoke to this paticular referee who informed me that I was being ridiculous in telling him there were no more rooms in the block, or the resort for that matter, as he hadn't received a room as of yet. He told me in the paper he received he would be able to book the extra room nights he wanted. I tried over and over to explain to this gentleman that the entire resort was sold out. He refused to listen as he had a paper with words printed on it. Every time I attempted to explain how this works he bcame argumentative and rude. In the end, I told the dear man that what he held in his hand was not a contract. It was a piece of paper the confrence organizer had typed out. It wasn't the contract.

I couldn't beleive how angry this man left me feeling. I had to take time off my calls to calm myself to keep it from floating across to my next unsuspecting guest. Somehow, I don't feel sorry for these men any longer.

You need some glasses Ref?! Uh...I mean for the fine print.

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