Monday, February 1, 2010

The Grim Reaper of Reservations

Friday was impossible. Saturday was bad. Sunday was looking that way too. The weekend is a true killer on reservationist's stats. However, this weekend I felt as if I should be carrying a scythe and wearing a long black hood.

Pointing my bony fingers at the screen I erased the hard work of a co-worker somewhere as I cancelled the resrvations one by one. I didn't ask to cancel...the guests did. Perhaps they should don the long black cloack isntead, but it didn't feel like it. I wondered how many more wee out there feeling the same way. How many were canceling out my reservations? Drats...there goes more of my stats!!!

Monday brings happiness in my agents, secretaries and personal assistants all calling to make new reservations. For now the cloak hangs in the closet and the scythe off for sharpening.

Who says Monday is a bad day?!

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