Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Walk Amongst The Lights...

Last night we brought the kids down to the Riverwalk to enjoy the lights. Millions of lights were scattered everywhere. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, we forgot that with it being Christmas week everybody and their brother would be out. However, we found some quieter stretches away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

My wonderfully beautiful kids were fabulous the entire time...

All right! I confess! I confess! They were driving me nuts!!!! At first everything was great. We were having a great time winding through the Christmas lights and then it started....are we done yet? I'm hungry. I'm so thirsty.
They were more like this:

So, we did what every self respecting parent would do....we made them walk longer. Tee hee!!!

I thought these lights were gorgeous in front of the Westin. Yes, I know I said Westin. They decorated so lovely...It's too bad you can't tell from this photo...the trees are all dead. Yup! Dead. However the lights...beautiful.

Hubby and I were having so much fun with their complaints that we walked clear over to the Alamo...Ok! So it was only a couple blocks away.

I began falling in love with doors while in Italy. The Alamo was no different.

From my family to yours:

Merry Christmas!!!

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Silcox Stories said...

It's beautiful Tammy! I haven't been on the computer lately, so I was catching up today. Sounds like things are great and despite the tough road that you had to take to get to where you are, you are right where you need to be. Wishing you all the best this holiday season and a wonderful new year!