Monday, December 21, 2009

Twenty Flights...Who needs a Stair Stepper?!?!

Today was my big day. I returned back to work in the office today as we were touring the new JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa here in San Antonio...I's a mouthful...trying saying it to the guests as they call...Interesting is all I can say.

We arrived this morning and within 2 hours I had climbed 20 flights of stairs.
The meeting room/ballroom are was 3 flights in itself. All elevators are off right now as it is still a construction zone. We climbed the stairs in awe of the incredible craftsmanship only Heavenly Father can bestow on mortal hands. I fell in love with it. I could live there....just give me the Presidential's bigger than my apartment.

There are no pools at the resort. It is truly a "Water Experience." Start off at the 3 story water slide and begin your journey down to the lazy river and then onto the fast moving rapids. The kids could spend hours floating from place to place.

I fell in love with their handblown glass flowers hanging from the ceiling.

I can hardly wait to frequent High Velocity...the sports bar where they will serve wings and sodas while we watch none less than 40 different sports the same time

Cibolo Moon is the most incredibly beautiful restaurant filled with wonderfully delicious foods...Yes, we tasted. Yum!!!

Yes, I'm a Travel Nerd. I fell in love with the resort. What's it to ya?!

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H.K. said...

Oh, wow, that resort is definitely a place I would love to go to-beautiful!

Have a Merry Christmas!