Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Use For Duct Tape

It was a crazy end to the day. I received my computer to start working from home. Unfortunately, I was dependent on a ride to bring my gear home. There were mix-ups and it was solved. I had to wait a little longer, but it didn't matter. I appreciated my dear friend coming to pick me up. We tease each other incessantly, it's a brother/sister thing. It's the norm, but I had to threaten to tape his mouth shut in front of his three sons this evening.

A co-worker was helping me load the computer gear and he introduced him self saying:

"Hi! I'm the poor schmuck she said 'No' to when I asked her to go out with me in high school."

Lesson learned: Always carry a spare bit of duct never know when you'll need it!!!


Cynthia said...


I'm excited for you to be able to work at home some now. I hope all goes well.

H.K. said...

You're so lucky to be working at home! My husband gets to work home once or twice a week, but he would rather work home full time-he gets more work done.