Sunday, October 28, 2007

15 years...WOW!!!!

I can barely believe that it has been 15 years that Don and I have been married. I remember our wedding day when two things were said. I drove from here in Tracy to our new apartment in which Don had moved in the previous week to pick up Don for our wedding...I never was a believer in all that superstition. I told him that morning: "This is your last chance to escape...I don't believe in divorce. If you love me enough to marry me now you had better be sure it is enough to last for eternity. Make your final choice now." He obviously decided to go through with it. We have had ups and downs like everyone. Some of our downs were lower than most peoples, but I have learned from it and it made us stronger. Did we ever give up? Sometimes yes. Doesn't everyone at some point in their life through their hands up and say I give up? However, we worked hard at it and now things are much easier. We still go through trials. We always will, but we now go through them together instead of alone...It makes it so much easier.


Jen said...

Wow, I needed to hear that! Thanks!

Tammy said...

hey, you know. I think people put on some sort of mask for the world that says everything is all right. That is not always the case. Beware of people who look perfect...or have the perfect marriage...they rarely do