Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's the simple things

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I received the most wonderful gift from a dear dear Relief Society President. She brought to me for Valentine's Day a small roughly carved wooden heart painted on it the saying: "It's the simple things." That has often stuck with me as I have noticed with my kids the simple things have always been the best.
In California most of us have noticed just how fast the pace of living is. There is always something to do and somewhere to go. For me I am trying so hard to keep up when it always seems that I am lagging behind. Back in Oregon after a particularly good rain I brought the kids home from school and we put their backpacks in the house and I told them to take off their shoes and socks. We went out in the rain and jumped from puddle to puddle getting them all muddy from head to toe. It was one of my favorite memories of the kids when they were tiny. I am happy that they had the chance to live simply because it was great!!!


Jen said...

You are a wayyyy better laid back mom than me! I can't sit back, relax and enjoy "the simple things" when my kids are messy! Ask Lynne what a wreck I was when we made cookies at her house last week.

Tammy said...

Oh i don't think I am THAT laid back. I have no choice in what my house looks like. I am embarrassed half the time when people come over because there are messes here and there and everywhere. I feel the least perfect and that kills me. If i were a stay-at home mom I could do things much different than what they are. I guess we can't always help the circumstances.